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6 min readNov 15, 2021

GM, community members! Over the past few months, the Ascension Protocol team has been working diligently to create a project that will bring profits to ASCEND holders for years to come. Today is the day to unveil all that is coming. We are proud to announce a slew of updates that will take place in the coming days and weeks.You have been patient with us. Now, we will reward you for your patience.

First off, Ascension is assuming its final form: we will be evolving into a layer-2 Protocol. We are migrating from Binance Smart Chain to the Arbitrum One network on Ethereum within 48–72 hours!

The Process of moving to Arbitrum One:

We will slowly be moving liquidity from Pancakeswap to Arbitrum One, where we will add liquidity to Uniswap on Arbitrum in one transaction. We will update you in our Telegram channel about the correct, new token contract. Do not buy any token listings until we officially announce the new token address, as others may list fake ASCEND tokens. This is the decentralized world of crypto, after all. Always verify and double-check!

PLEASE NOTE: we will airdrop all your ASCEND tokens according to your current Binance Smart Chain balance at a 1:1 ratio. There is no need to claim tokens, they will be in your Arbitrum wallet once we migrate. Your Arbitrum wallet will use the same wallet address as your current BSC wallet.

Have you not connected to the Arbitrum One network yet? Setting up your wallet to use Arbitrum is incredibly easy, especially if you use Metamask. Please follow the steps in this Uniswap explainer:

Do you want to learn more about the many advantages of Arbitrum? This article is a great place to start:

Or maybe add

Why Ascension Protocol chose Ethereum’s Arbitrum One roll-up:

We are switching to the Arbitrum network rather than another Layer-2 option because Arbitrum is by far the best option. Ethereum Roll-ups have a very bright future, and Arbitrum One is currently the market leader. It has the largest number of crypto projects on it, and many ‘blue chip’ protocols are in the process of moving to Arbitrum.

Arbitrum also has the highest number of users, total value locked (TVL), and shows substantial growth. Transactions are near-instant and cheap — costing more than 90% less in gas fees than on mainnet Ethereum. On top of that, bridging your funds onto ‘Arbi’ is easy, taking no more than 5 minutes! And various bridges are, by now, available (tip:

If you want to verify these claims and learn more, please feel free to visit This handy web resource has all the information you need about the various available layer-2 options.

What’s Next:

Following our chain swap, Ascension Protocol will expand its successful DAO to three tiers. This tier-based structure will allow more holders to benefit from the DAO Treasury and our private investment opportunities. The top tier is ASCEND Alpha which, for the past several months, has been open to holders who hold at least 80,000 ASCEND. The next tier is ASCEND Beta, and holders will need a minimum of 33,300 to access this DAO tier. The third tier is ASCEND Omega, and holders will need a minimum of 11,100 ASCEND to access this tier.

Each tier will have a different range of benefits and will receive a certain percentage of the DAO Treasury profits. The Alpha tier will, as expected, have the most say and receive the highest rate of profits, with consecutive lower tiers receiving fewer profits and decision-making influence. But we will ensure that each tier is profitable — and no Ascension holder is left behind.

The Ascension DAO will grant access to opportunities such as DAO Treasury profits, pre-sale allocations, access to newly launched gem projects, NFT drops, beneficial investment calls and much more! There is a lot of value in being part of the DAO, as current members will attest.

Our new Dashboard will offer Staking!

Ascension Protocol will launch its new dashboard in the coming weeks, offering Staking of your Ascend tokens! We plan to offer our close-knit community significant staking rewards, for an initial period of 1–2 years (the details will be specified in an upcoming medium article). Staking will further strengthen our DAO community and reduce sell pressure.

The amount of ASCEND that will be emitted over the next 1–2 years will be a minimum of 1.5 Million ASCEND, which is 10 per cent of the overall supply. The team has already bought a significant amount of ASCEND to facilitate this staking process. (Reminder: Ascension Protocol is a fair-launch project, the team did not grant itself any tokens during the Token Generation Event. Everybody is on equal footing in this community!) .

When we switch over to Arbitrum, we will also re-allocate some ASCEND from our massive liquidity pool to reach our minimum of 1.5 million ASCEND tokens allocated for staking rewards. When liquidity is added to Uniswap on Arbitrum, some of the BNB pulled from our BSC liquidity will go towards a buyback of ASCEND to be added to staking. At the same time, the rest of BNB or ASCEND will be allocated to the DAO Treasury.

Over the next 1–2 years, as Staking takes place, the DAO treasury will buy back whatever amount of ASCEND was taken from the liquidity pool and be added to the DAO Treasury to be locked for a specific amount of time while creating constant buy pressure of ASCEND. All ASCEND taken from the liquidity pool, or any BNB, will be thoroughly tracked and made known to the community on what and where those funds are for full transparency.

Plus… our new Website offers many profitable tools!

The new Ascension dashboard will be an integral part of our soon-to-be-released, redesigned website. This new, cleaner look will be followed by a slew of updates to the Dashboard,which will give ASCEND holders access to a wide variety of sniping bots and other exclusive tools to help holders ascend their portfolio!

We will then release a new whitepaper and roadmap in the coming weeks, to give holders a better understanding of our evolution so far, our big added-value opportunities, and our even bigger ambitions.

A little treat for readers who made it this far: we are working closely with a massive project for our first DAO investment opportunity, which will bring many eyes to Ascension Protocol. Incubated projects and NFT ventures are also in the works, to be released over the next few months. Profits of which will be used to buyback ASCEND and provide more funds for the DAO treasury.

We want to thank those who have stuck with us through the market downturn and our quietness, while we were working hard to create something extraordinary for our holders. With these new updates and the hiring of an outside marketing team(!), we are very confident that Ascension Protocol will turn heads for years to come.

Thanks for the support, you legends! And don’t forget: any sharing of this medium article and our social media channels is greatly appreciated. Refer a kick-ass friend, and let’s strengthen our DAO community even more.

Let’s ascend our portfolios together, and always remember: wgmi!

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