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6 min readFeb 9, 2022


Welcome all Ascenders and happy 2022! First and foremost, the team at Ascension Protocol would like to thank you for your support over 2021. We launched Ascension Protocol with a vision to help holders have success in the crypto markets and make holders risk-free passive income. We have not strayed from those goals and in fact have honed in on how we are going to better reach our vision. This article will help give you an idea of what we have been working on and how we intend to make our vision a reality.

Treasury Update

We have formed our treasury on both Arbitrum and ETH mainnet using Gnosis safes.

We recently announced that we started adding NFTs to our treasury with the first being a historical NFT from 2018 called CryptoJingles. CryptoJingles were ahead of its time as they are one of the first auto generated NFT project and also one of the first music NFT projects. CryptoJingles are truly a unique project and there was only 79 original CrypytoJingles that were produced in 2018. With the rarity of the CryptoJingles from 2018, we are firm believers at Ascension DAO that CryptoJingles can reach a value of 100s of ETH per Jingle. The CryptoJingle: Wrapped v0 #11 — pass, was gifted from Ascension Guide(Ascension CEO) in hopes that when the sale of the CryptoJingle takes place the profits will be split between Ascension Guide and Ascension DAO!

At the moment our treasury holds 8.5 ETH, 143 esGMX, 39,363.62 GLP, 2015000 ASCEND (including ASCEND for staking) and our newly added CryptoJingle: Wrapped v0 #11 — pass.

DAO Gasless Governance

In our pursuit to complete decentralization, Ascension DAO has implemented gasless voting which can be found at At the moment anyone can vote for proposals that will be executed without spending gas via signing messages instead of sending a transaction. In order to propose a vote, the account proposing the vote needs to hold a minimum of 80k Ascend. However, other accounts may delegate their Ascend to another account and once that account reaches 80k they can propose a vote or vote on behalf of those accounts that delegated their Ascend. The proposal needs 4752000 Ascend(33 percent of supply) in order to pass, the team will then execute whatever the proposal entailed. We are developing our DAO to one day be fully decentralized. This is not an easy process to become fully decentralized and we really need a close knit community to work together on investment opportunities. The better the investment decisions the larger the treasury grows which results in bigger and more frequent dividends. There is nothing like this in the market, its going to be a very tedious process and entail a lot of trial and error in order for us to develop something truly special that will last for years to come!

Ascension Staking

Due to market conditions over the past few months, we delayed staking until we saw a turnaround in the market. We talked it over vigorously with the private DAO and we decided to go ahead and release staking for our holders. Staking will release 2/15/22 and the emissions will result in 500000 Ascend being released per year for three years. The first contract we release will run for one year and then we will use our new voting mechanism to vote on whether to add or change anything for the next staking year. When an account stakes they will get staked Ascend in place that will allow accounts to vote and join the private DAOs. Staking is a great way to reward our loyal holders by allowing for a passive income as they hold and participate in DAO voting.

Ascension Bot V1 Release

We are happy to announce that our first bot will be released to our private DAO in the coming days. The bot will be able to snipe tokens once a a pair is created and liquidity is added. Unlike other bots, our bot is able to snipe tokens with a certain ticker which is very lucrative if you are waiting for a token to list on a dex but don’t know the contract. The bot will snipe every token with that ticker and even if most are rugs, being an early buyer should more than make up for the few scam contracts. We are also developing and testing a bot for limit orders and a bot that can snipe big price fluctuations. For example, say there is a coin you really interested in but you are waiting for a better entry and a whale dumps a large amount of tokens to drop the price by 20 percent. Our bot will be able to snipe that token when it loses x percent in value. As a fair warning, we want all users of this bot to know that it is in beta versions and more testings and changes are required. Please be extremely careful and diligent on how you use this bot and the amount of funds you use with it. We recommend using a fresh wallet with a minimal amount of funds to snipe with. It will take 80k Ascend to run the bot but an address can delegate their Ascend to another address so that holders can keep their Ascend wallet separate from their sniping wallet. In order to snipe on Ethereum, you will need a node. We recommend that if you can’t buy the hardware to run a node that you run one with a VPS. More information on how to do so can be found in the PDF here:

Ascension Protocol: Into the Metaverse and NFTs

With the metaverse and NFT market continually growing and providing opportunities to turn profits, we are proud to announce that we are officially launching a NFT/metaverse project ! Due to NDA, we can only release a few details at this time but we will be releasing another medium article soon going much more in-depth. Our NFT project will include hiring 10–15 influencers whose reach ranges from 150k to millions of followers on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. We want influencers that have a solid organic following who are more likely to participate in the NFT project and the metaverse aspect of it. We will release NFTs that give you access to our metaverse events where holders will be able to interact with these influencers no matter where they are located in the world. The NFTs will also allow access to our real-life events that will take place in cities all over the United States and expand world-wide! Imagine a project that allows you to rub shoulders with influencers and celebrities both in real-life and the metaverse! We have already signed contracts with our consultant who has access to firms and managers that represents these influencers and we are setting up a roster of potential candidates as we write this article. We are hoping to launch this project in March or April depending on availability of influencers and other market conditions. The profits from this project will be split 50/50 where half will go to the DAO treasury and the other half will be used for a major buyback of Ascend. The DAO will use our new voting system to vote on what to do with those tokens that were bought back. We truly believe with the direction of the market that NFTs and metaverse related projects will bring well deserved attention to Ascension that will truly make 2022 a year to remember!

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